Ziggy Zoo works in partnership with over 80 schools in Essex, London, Kent, Sussex & Hertfordshire.

Ziggy currently offers two different packages to suit your school and your budget.

Primary School & Secondary school Discos

Finding different ways to raise money for schools is a challenge by most PTAs. An amazing disco could be your biggest earner, with some schools making £900 profit from a disco! Ziggy Zoo loves working with local schools and gets invited back year after year.

Ziggy loves supporting primary school giving the kids the best disco party experience. The kids are entertained throughout with age appropriate content, even the boys that usually run around at the back will be joining in!

Ziggy offers a great value package for schools so give him a call today.

Ziggy Zoo School Parties

  • £10million PLI insurance
  • With vast industry knowledge he knows exactly what the kids are into
  • Engages the whole room and always gets a full dance floor
  • Never seen before routines and games
  • Equipment updated every year
  • Support available for PTAs on running a successful disco
  • ideal for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, End of Term or end of year

School entertainment adaptable for all ages

Ziggy Zoo’s school discos are totally unique and the show is adapted for the different ages, making sure everyone is entertained and involved.

All of Ziggy’s equipment is updated regularly. At the moment Ziggy is using the latest in LED lighting technology which is not only safer but creates an amazing light show. Looking for ways to interact with his audience Ziggy uses video as well, not only do you hear your favourite artist you see them too.

Providing small or large video screens for your school, he makes sure each video is appropriate for the age.

Different options available to add that extra wow.

  • Confetti Cannons
  • UV lighting
  • Large 3 meter video screens
  • Snow and bubble machines

We recommend splitting the School up into Key-stages so the show is tailored to the audience.

Keystage 1 entertainment includes:

  • Dance Routines
  • Price giveaways
  • Competitions
  • Magic show

Keystage 2 entertainment includes:

  • Dance Routines
  • Price giveaways
  • Competitions
  • Dance offs
  • Talent show

The above may vary on the night as Ziggy will tailor his show to suit his audience.

Keystages 3 to 4 will include price giveaways and will have less interaction as dance routines will be seen as ‘uncool’.

Prizes will be age appropriate, and the popular prizes are music CDs produced by Ziggy. Currently Ziggy covers Essex, London, Kent, Sussex & Hertfordshire.