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Foam Parties For Kids


With summer fast approaching (well apparently) How about something different for all those Summer Birthdays! How about a Foam Party! Yes, Foam! Safer than Water but just as much fun, if not more! Parents are always looking for something a bit different for their child’s Birthday Party and this fantastic new Foam Cannon could be… More »

The stress of kid’s parties


Organising a kid’s party can be stressful, but does it have to be? Being a witness to so many parties I have found that the most organised parents are the least stressed. “Being unprepared is preparing to fail” This saying is the key to a successful party. Book the party well in advance, popular venues… More »

Kid’s Party Food


One of the most important facets of throwing a party for kids is the food! Kids want it to be delicious, parents want it to have at least a bit of nutritive value. Striking a compromise between the two sits as one of the most important hurdles for party throwers. But never fear, it can… More »

Kids’ Birthday Parties


Preparing a birthday party for kids can be fun and eventful! Today’s creative ideas for parties include the Around the World Party and Superhero Party. Around the World Party Theme Considering a birthday party where kids can celebrate and learn a little something at the same time? Try a party focused on celebrating various places… More »

Children’s Disco Parties


It’s time for a party and you want the kiddos to have the greatest amount of fun possible! As they are inevitably loaded up with sugary treats, what’s the best way to burn off that extra burst of energy? Yes, the answer is: a children’s disco. Singing, videos, dancing, and basically any kind of crazy… More »

Children’s Party Organisers


When it’s time to host a party for your little guy or girl but you are feeling overwhelmed by work and home life, it might be wise to make use of a professional party organiser to do the difficult work for you. You’ll likely get started with a variety of questions about your preferences, which… More »

Kids’ Party Planning for Halloween


Ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks! Halloween is chock full of things that are ghastly and scary. But party planning for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary for you. Make your Halloween party for the kiddies heaps of fun with these ideas for decorations, activities, snacks, and more. Themes Halloween wouldn’t be the same without… More »