Children’s Disco Parties

It’s time for a party and you want the kiddos to have the greatest amount of fun possible!

As they are inevitably loaded up with sugary treats, what’s the best way to burn off that extra burst of energy? Yes, the answer is: a children’s disco.


Singing, videos, dancing, and basically any kind of crazy body movement all come along with the tradition of a kid’s disco party. If you know you want to have a children’s disco but you aren’t sure exactly how to execute it, following are some tips to make it easier for those you love to get out and boogie!


Since you are having a disco, you may as well embrace the theme. And when going disco, the shinier–the better! Some venues already have a disco ball in place, which is a vital part of the dance party. Foil streamers set the mood when placed over the entrance doorway. Silver strings of beads draped over chairs or as part of the table centrepiece make a funky disco impression.

Crepe paper streamers and ribbons, especially in silver and various bright colours, match perfectly well with hanging balloons. Some free floating balloons on the dance floor can be a fun way to encourage kids who might feel more shy about participating to step out and get moving. Foil helium balloons add to the feeling of disco fever. A piñata in the shape of a disco ball brings tons of fun for the party guests, and is filled with treats so it doubles as a game as well. Printed banners to put on the wall in metallic colours will brighten up the venue room and add to the disco atmosphere.



Offering small party bags or gifts is a fun send off for a disco party. But if you want to include some the gifts during the party, set them out as party favours on the tables. Of course, these should be quiet items such as wrist glow bracelets, glow sticks, disco headbands, and bubbles (check with your venue first) can be used during the party as part of the disco fun experience. (Noisemakers or whistles should be given out at the end of the party so as not to distract from the entertainment or show.)



Get the kids bopping at the party by booking a professional entertainer for your group. A Ziggy Zoo package offers the benefit of two hours of age-targeted dancing fun and controlled mania. Dance routines, videos, magic shows, lighting, prize giveaways, and competitions are just a few of the things you can expect from a Ziggy Zoo show.


Treat Bags

Some companies make small disco balls on key chains, which would be great to place into a party bag. Glittery temporary tattoos, gold medallions, sunglasses, glow sticks or necklaces, mood rings, chocolates, feather clips, lip gloss, headband or stick on moustaches  are just the start of disco-themed ideas which will make up great kids’ party bags.

When you plan a children’s disco party, you might find that the parents end up dancing and having just as much (if not more!) fun as all of the kids do!