Hassle Free Birthday Parties for Kids

You want your little Jimmy to have the time of his life at his birthday party because he will only turn seven once!

And Sally has been dreaming for months now about what her birthday party will be like, who she will invite, and what kind of treats she wants to give to her friends. But as a practical mum or dad, you are feeling overwhelmed at the idea of hosting a party in your flat. Besides, what would you do with all of those kids running around your home?

Try a birthday party without the headache! Renting a venue for kids’ birthday parties means that you don’t have to spend time in preparations, nor do you have to waste time afterwards cleaning up the mess (and likely the spills, because kids are kids).

And hiring an entertainer, such as myself, will provide your child and his or her friends with a blast of a time while you sit back and enjoy yourself too!

So what are some steps you can take to make a birthday party easy and hassle free? Here are a few planning tips:

Start with the Entertainer

First things first, as I’ve said before there are more venues than there are good entertainers, so give me a call first. We’ll see what we can fit onto the calendar. My set times are 11am-1pm,. 3pm-5pm, and evenings start at 7pm.

Secure a Venue

Once you have the entertainer on the calendar, you can make reservations for the hall you want and start to plan accordingly. Look into some of the venues I’ve listed here on my blog as samples to determine what might work best for you.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure there is room for dancing!

Make a Guest List

Once you know the size of the place where your party will be held, you can decide on the guest list. Remember, younger kids often want their parents to stay with them so plan for enough space (and refreshments) for each child to have an adult chaperone. Some parents might like to drop the kiddies and come back to pick them up at the end of the party and others may not. Make them feel welcome no matter what they decide.

After you receive guest responses, be sure to communicate with your venue about how many people you expect so tables and chairs can be planned for accordingly.

Arrange for Food

Keeping food choices simple is a good idea. If ordering from a bakery or making your own treats, try finger foods such as cookies or cupcakes rather than a traditional cake which requires plates and forks. You will still need plenty of napkins, of course!

Take into consideration allergies to nuts, dairy, or gluten, and provide an alternative birthday snack for children affected by these. Check with parents ahead of time if you don’t know the families of the invited children very well.


You might want a few balloons or banners to make your kid’s birthday venue shine. Brightly coloured table cloths and napkins go far in making a room look festive for a birthday party.

Take Home Party Bags

In my last blog posting I wrote about ideas for kids party bags. Children like to have a fun reminder and a small thank you to take home with them. It doesn’t have to be complicated and there are many smart ideas which any kid or parent would be pleased with. Some companies allow you to purchase pre-made bags so you don’t have to take the time to make them up!

Just a few phone calls or arrangements and you are on your way to an amazing kid’s birthday party!