Kids’ Birthday Parties

Preparing a birthday party for kids can be fun and eventful!

Today’s creative ideas for parties include the Around the World Party and Superhero Party.


Around the World Party Theme

Considering a birthday party where kids can celebrate and learn a little something at the same time? Try a party focused on celebrating various places and cultures of the world!

party-theme-around-the-world2Invitations could be made to look like postcards, passports, or travel tickets. Use language on the invitation such as “Travel Plane Party, Destination, Check-in, Boarding, and Tourist Activities”. Envelopes for invitations might be white with red and blue stripes like an airmail envelope. On the invitation, children could be invited to wear a costume (or just a hat to keep it simple) to the party that represents another country or culture.

Decorate with blow up globes and maps, as well as flags from various nations. Use brightly colored streamers and balloons to coordinate. Make signs with the word Hello in various languages for the kids to learn.

Have a bakery create a cake in the shape of a map, airplane, or train. Cupcakes or cookies can easily be decorated to look like globes with blue and brown (or green) icing.

Try some dances from different cultures, such as the Limbo, La Cucaracha, an Irish Jig, or a Russian Folk Dance. Play a matching game with flags where kids identify flags with their countries. Provide coloring pages with flags on them for kids to work on while they wait for others to finish eating.

For party favors or party bags–fashion “suitcases” out of brown paper bags and decorate with travel stickers. Place “luggage tags” on the bags with each child’s name, and put a sign on the goodie table for “Baggage Claim.” Inside provide small flags, toy trains or planes, chocolate stars, fortune cookies, or chocolate coins. As a craft idea, each child could fashion his or her own passport with scrapbook materials.

Super Hero Party Theme


Kids want Birthday Party fun that is larger than life–and superheroes provide just that. Children’s imaginations can be fostered by giving them an opportunity to pretend to have super powers. Grab your cape and get started with your planning, Super-Mum!

Invitations might invite children to report to Superhero Training for a top secret mission, created to look like a comic book, or printed as a “newspaper article” which shows a superhero coming to save the town. Make sure all of the pertinent information is on the invitation, and add an option for children to wear their favorite superhero mask, cape, or entire costume.

party-theme-kapowDecorations might be various signs which state “Pow!” or “Wham!” like the old-fashioned Batman show. Posters could also be used with the Superhero Logos such as the triangle shaped “S” for Superman, the lowercase “i” in a circle for the Incredibles, the star for Captain America, a lightening bolt for Flash, or the Bat emblem for Batman.

Spiderman fans might like to decorate with webs and spiders. Batman fans may consider making up the venue to look like a version of Gotham City. Don’t forget to include Wonder Woman or Super Girl to make sure that the females in the group aren’t excluded. And any brightly colored streamers and balloons will add to the festive feel.

Snacks might include any kind of “super food” which is healthy and easy to eat with fingers. Cakes or cupcakes could be decorated with any of the superhero logos. “Mr. Freeze’s punch” can be blue juice. Take home party bags are filled with stickers, spider rings, star chocolates, and possibly a Superhero Training Certificate.


As always, let your entertainer know what your party theme is and they can often try to find a song or dance that fits with what your goals for the party are. Ultimately, the goal is always to have fun!