Kid’s Party Food

One of the most important facets of throwing a party for kids is the food!


Kids want it to be delicious, parents want it to have at least a bit of nutritive value. Striking a compromise between the two sits as one of the most important hurdles for party throwers. But never fear, it can be done. Following are some ideas for making kids’ party food tasty, fun, and at least somewhat nutritious.watermelon-shark

Fruit Shapes and Baskets

Fruit is that lovely food which can be placed on the dessert table but still contains vitamins for children. But instead of just a plate full of fruit and dip, try a creative approach to serving. Although it requires a bit more planning, a fun fruit display can be made out of the watermelon rind which is kept in tact during cutting. A watermelon can be carved into a bowl, a basket, or even a shark’s head with teeth and a fin.

For a fall themed party, hollow out the inside of a pumpkin to use as a bowl, placing a head of lettuce inside. Use cookie cutters to cut some fruits, such as pineapple or melon, into shapes such as ghosts or stars or leaves. Leaving several inches free at the bottom, stack the fruit onto bamboo skewers with grapes, berries, apple slices, banana slices, and even mini mandarin oranges. Toothpicks can be helpful in stabilizing the fruit on the skewers. Arrange skewers into a “bouquet” by placing the bottom into the lettuce. For a sweeter side, dip some of the fruits in chocolate, or add marshmallows to the skewers for fun.

Banana pops are an easily served treat. Peel bananas, place on ice lolly sticks. Freeze bananas ahead of time, then dip into melted dipping chocolate. Keep cold until ready to serve. Add colorful sprinkles for kids’ party fun!

Vegetable Plates

Make veggie trays more fun by making the plate a canvas where the fruit is the paint. Broccoli heads can be arranged in an oval the shape of a green head, using olives to create a black mouth, carrots for a nose, and small white dip bowls for eyes. (Place one black olive in the dip as a “pupil” for the eye.) The same can be done with cherry or grape tomatoes for a red character. Or arrange slices of yellow peppers, using green celery sticks for the mouth and black olives for eyes.


Sandwich Fun

Jam sandwiches were never this fun! Cut crust off of the bread, add preferred sandwich contents. Then, instead of place another piece of bread on top, roll the “sandwich” up and cut into sushi sized pieces. Display with chopsticks for themed fun.

Any type of sandwich can also be made more attractive to kids by cutting them into shapes with cookie cutters. Alternate white or brown breads to make a more interesting display on the serving tray.

With just a bit of creativity, your kids’ party food will be fun and enjoyable. Of course it’s best not to spend a ridiculous amount of time of the food. After all, it will probably disappear just as if it is in a magician’s act!