School Disco St Andrews School North Weald

Yesterday I was at St Andrews School in North Weald (Essex) for their annual Easter Disco.

I’ve been doing school discos now for over three years and am proud to say I have performed at every school in my home town and have repeat bookings each year.

I also travel around performing at different school discos around Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and London.

I always arrive an hour in advance to set up, this year I have now added new features to my set. I already use snow machines and have done for a while, these blast foam over the heads of the crowd and the kids love absolutely love them!


I incorporate the use of music videos with my own ‘clean’ edits to make sure each video I play is appropriate for the audience.

Music videos don’t have the warning or certificates like films and it seems like it doesn’t matter how obscene the videos are, they manage to get on TV.

So each video that I do, I make sure it’s suitable, editing out anything that is not fitting for the particular audience.

I also give away promo mix CDs produced by myself as prizes for the best dancers.

The latest addition is my remote control camera which is run through an Edirol video mixer.

I can pick up the crowd and project them up onto a big screen, which the kids go crazy for as soon as they see themselves on TV! They tend to wave and dance a lot more, which is great as kids tend to only have the attention span for the first minute of a record.

The school was great and we didn’t have a single problem, not even a wrestling re-enactment on the dance floor!

School Discos are great for schools looking to raise money for funding. A school I recently worked for (Oakfield Primary School) announced the amount raised on just the discos… total £800, not including my services which cost £250.