The Best in Kids’ Party Bags

Although I like to consider the entertainment one of the most important bits of the party, another thing that children hope for and enjoy is a party bag to take home with them.

The kids usually want the bag to be full of sugary sweets, while the mums just hope the contents of the bag don’t end up on the floor of the car during the ride home.


Items that please kids and parents alike can still be fun! Think bright colours to please the kids and things that won’t break immediately to make the adults happy. There are some compromises, and I think you’ll like the ideas here for various items and themes which are marvellous for party bags. Some suggestions for items to place in party bags for kids:


  • Yo-yos — not for younger kids because of the string
  • Tops — a fun and safe toy with few moving parts
  • Balloons — fun, easy, and inexpensive
  • Bouncy Balls –especially for sport themes
  • Puzzles — of the miniature variety


  • Stickers — almost endless options are available
  • Pencils — for older kids, of course, since they shouldn’t be eaten
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • Notebooks — to go with the pencils
  • Activity Books
  • Erasers — bright colors and pencil toppers are popular
  • Stamps — small ink pads are available
  • Trading Cards

Personal Items

  • Key chains — kids like to put them on zippers or backpacks
  • Hair accessories — bows, barrettes, clips
  • Jewellery — jelly bracelets come in shapes
  • Tattoos — temporary, obviously
  • When choosing a party theme, it’s easy to go over the top. A kids’ party bag really only needs to have four or five items in it. If the bags looks sparse, try adding some tissue paper, or curled ribbons to make the bags look more full.

Most themes can be altered for both boys and girls, but it is helpful to know who is on the invitation list before making the final decision on a gender specific theme.


Some themes to think about and choose from:


  • Pirates: patch, parrots, ships, skulls, treasures, masks, telescopes
  • Fairy Princess: wands, tiaras, hair bands, hearts
  • Dress Up: fingernail stickers, jewellery, lip gloss, hair bows
  • Magic: finger cuffs, bubbles, mini wand


  • Sport: football, fishing, skateboards, basketballs
  • Insects and Bugs: lady bugs, bumble bees, grasshoppers, butterflies, frogs
  • Army: camouflage, airplanes, stars, helicopters
  • Summer: water bombs, water balloons, boomerangs


  • Animals: zoo, farm, jungle, pets
  • Pets: cats and dogs
  • Sea Creatures: mermaids, fish, lobsters, ships
  • Smiley: happy faces of all shapes, sizes, and colours

Going Places

  • Racing: cars, checkered flags
  • Space: rockets, aliens, astronauts
  • Transport: trains, helicopters, airplanes


  • Crafts: bracelets, beads, crayon pens
  • Art: pens, notepad, watercolour paints, colouring book
  • Music: whistles, pipes

I’ve seen many different ideas implemented with just a little bit of imagination. If you are planning ahead, there are several websites available for ordering kids’ party bag supplies, where the options are almost endless.

Bags can be purchased through these same websites as well. But keeping it simple by using a white bag is fine. For a personal touch, your child may want to decorate the empty bags the week prior to the party.

So no matter what you or your child choose for kids’ party bags, the most important thing is that you all have fun!