The stress of kid’s parties

Organising a kid’s party can be stressful, but does it have to be?


Being a witness to so many parties I have found that the most organised parents are the least stressed.

“Being unprepared is preparing to fail”

This saying is the key to a successful party.

Book the party well in advance, popular venues and halls book up quickly, but there is more venues than there are good entertainers, so make sure you book the basics first, enquire with entertainers at least 4 months before to secure prime times.

Is the party going to have a theme? If so make sure to let your entertainer know and see if they have any suggestions that will make your party more personal.

A room can be themed easily with great table where and some colourful banners.

The price of helium has gone up almost 25% over the last 3 years due to the short supply, so consider many options first, why not string up balloons at home and hang as balloon bunting? Most venues allow you to get in 30minutes before to set up so keep it simple.

“Write a checklist before the day so that nothing get left at home.”

The most common item that’s forgot is a lighter for the candles; i’m guessing the smoking ban has made this item less common!

“Less is more”

Knowing how much to spend is tricky, but you want to make sure that entertainment is at the top of your budget, expect to pay anything from £180 to £300.

The best parties are not necessarily when the parent that spends the most.

A popular item on eBay is customisable banners that are printed with the birthday child’s name to a chosen theme, very cheap and create a great focal point, ideal as backdrop for your entertainer.