Venue vs kids entertainer?

So what do you book first your entertainment or your venue?

Seems crazy to book your entertainment before your venue, but there are more venues than good entertainers!

Best thing to do is to enquire with your chosen entertainer first before booking a venue.

Like myself and many other popular entertainers we have set times of a weekend, my set times are 11am-1pm or 3pm-5pm, then evening entertainment is available from 7pm.

This gives myself time to get to each venue and set up.

Other times are available at additional costs.

For me, this is my full time job.

When looking at a party venue, make sure it’s clean and safe. Most village halls are self-funded so the popular halls tend to be in better condition.

If you haven’t been to the venue before ask if you can have a look to check it out, try and book a venue as close as you can, so that your guests don’t have to travel as far.

On arrival make sure there is suitable parking for the amount of guests you have.

On the day a good idea is to put but a banner or a balloon on the gate to make it easier to locate.

If the venue has lots of stairs or has difficult access make sure you inform your entertainer so he can allow time for this.

Check to see that the hall has enough chairs and tables for your guests.

If preparing food have a look at the kitchen and see if there is the right equipment to cook the food, so you know what to bring on the day.

Sound limiters

Some venues now have sound limiters fitted. This is usually because of noise restrictions put in place for the concerns of neighbors.

Sound limiters work from ambient noise level from the room. I have had one set off just from a round of applause! So all though they have there uses not great for a kids party.  If you can find out if there is one at your chosen venue its good to let your entertainer know.

Some schools are offering hall hire and are great for kid’s parties as they are equipped for kids!

Also make sure there is enough room to fit your guests, enough table and chairs, and your chosen entertainer and equipment in the hall!