Yet another weekend of partying over!

Yet another weekend of partying over!

Saturday was a very hot sunny day, I was at a party in Rayleigh in a beautiful house on a hill.

The house on a hill

So after weaving through the crowd in the hall way with all my gear, I was welcomed by an audience of excited kids watching in anticipation whilst setting up.

I had a small set up for this party with two 8” W speakers (PSR8) and a small Citronic baby sub.

psr_8_activeThis sub is very rare to find, and I manage to buy this one off a fellow DJ, they are great for house parties as they really do kick some punch!

I also set up some uplighters behind me and a small screen displaying my logo and music videos throughout the party.

It was only a two hour party with a break in the middle, the event was a wedding, and I must say this was a very beautiful wedding as it was very homely!

Sunday Kids Party was a bit different

I was at, Old Chelmsfordians S&S Club, Memorial Sports Ground, Lawford Lane, Roxwell Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2NS near Writtle.


In 7 years of doing what I do, I have never been to this hall before, but I highly recommend it.

Very clean facilities, a bar, big windows, nice big car park  and easy access.

This was for a 1st year old birthday party but was mainly for the 25 kids ages 4-8 yrs.

The party went really well despite the heat, with the adults joining in throughout.