Party planner

Hello and congratulations on booking your party with Ziggy Zoo!

This is a quick guide on how to have the best party ever, with the least stress possible. This way you and all the family can enjoy the fun of a Ziggy Zoo party!

So far you have the date, the venue and the entertainment sorted, so here are Ziggy Zoo’s top tips for having the best party.

He has made it into a convenient check list so you can keep track of everything.

Before the Party

Make sure you have received confirmation from Ziggy Zoo for your party. This would have been sent upon receipt of your deposit.

Make sure the venue is big enough, remember that you will soon fill it with children and parents. There needs to be space for dancing and games, the average party size is 10-30 children.

Party invites

Sent out, RSVPs received so you know your numbers for catering and party bags.

Party food

For the adults as well as children, and don’t forget the all important birthday cake.

Decorations and party bags

Do you have a theme? Party poppers are not recommended as they can be very dangerous. The manufactures age rating is 16+years

Party Day

  • Turn up with enough time to set up and get ready before your guests start arriving. Remember Ziggy Zoo will arrive 30 minutes before the party.
  • Make sure you have a contact number for the venue in case of any problems.
  • Tie balloons or put a banners up outside the front of the venue, this will make it easier to find not only Ziggy Zoo but for all your guests.
  • Make sure there is a parking space available for Ziggy Zoo close to the venue a he has a lot of party gear to unload.
  • Set up tables and put out chairs ready as this can be difficult with children around.
  • Remember to have payment ready and offer at the start of the party, this way you know it’s done and can focus on the rest of the party rather than run around at the end.
  • If the party is in a house, put away toys as they may get broken and can be a distraction from the party itself.
  • Try not to blow up balloons and put them on the floor before the party as this can get the children over excited before the party and the popping of the balloons can scare or put off shy children joining in.
  • If giving out any noise making toys (e.g. blowers and whistles), keep these out the way until the end of the party, even for an entertainer with a microphone it can be hard to compete with them.
  • When your guest start arriving find out which parents are staying and who are leaving. Take names and contact numbers of the parents who are leaving for emergencies.
  • Get another mum or family member to help out as much as you can, also enjoy it! Be sure to sit down and watch Ziggy Zoo yourself, he doesn’t just make sure the children have a good time but that adults enjoy the fantastic show too.
  • This is a guide put together by Ziggy Zoo from all his experiences of traveling to parties all over the UK. Remember if you have any queries, then just ask.

Party Check List

  • Knife and Candles and Matches (get a grown up to help you with this!).
  • Napkins for wrapping the cake.
  • Camera to capture the memories for years to come (also film/Batteries/Memory card).
  • Bin Bags for rubbish
  • Bag to put presents in to take home.
  • Kitchen rolls (spillages!).
  • Mobile phone (Emergencies!).
  • Pen and paper contact numbers and a list for thank you letters.
  • String, scissors and cellotape for decorations