Terms of booking

Bookings are made in agreement with the following conditions.

  • All deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations must be informed 10 days before the party via phone. Ziggy Zoo does not accept cancellations by email, voice mail or text message. Ziggy Zoo will make every effort to reschedule your booking to a mutually convenient date, however if a new date cannot be arranged, the deposit will be forfeit.
  • When booking your party only a deposit is required, the remaining balance is due on the day of the party and is required in cash. Cheques are only acceptable if the party is held at the home address. All cheques should be made payable to Ziggy Zoo.
  • Ziggy Zoo plans to arrive approximately 20 minutes before the start of the party to set up. Sometimes events outside his control may delay his arrival e.g. traffic, weather etc. In this case he will call to inform the party planner, and where possible the full programme will still be delivered, but refunds or part refunds will not be considered.
  • It is the responsibility for the customer to provide Ziggy Zoo with a parking space close to the venue and where required, cover the cost of parking.
  • Every child will receive a balloon, up to a maximum of 45 children, included in the cost. If you require more, this must be arranged with Ziggy Zoo a minimum of 10 days before the event to ensure he has enough on the day; there may be a supplement charge for this.
  • Ziggy Zoo may give away prizes throughout the show, the amount will vary from show to show. Magic wands and tiaras can be bought separately (but must be arranged a minimum of 10 days before the party).
    At least one adult must be in the room with Ziggy Zoo at all times in case of emergencies.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform Ziggy Zoo of any change of venue or times as soon as possible. Ziggy Zoo cannot guarantee availability if the venue or times change due to scheduling, and the price may vary.
  • Ziggy Zoo cannot guarantee animals can make a party, no refunds can be given due to this.
    Congestion charges are not covered in the booking and must be paid at the party.